Should Trump be Impeached


Should Trump be impeached? When the whistle blower came forward about President Donald Trump it opened up more doors and brought forward fake transparency that the American people are seeing. The whistle blower claims that Trump abused his power and that the White House is trying to cover this issue up for him. President Trump needs to be impeached due to the fact that he is abusing his power in order to continue to be the commander in charge, and failing relationships with other countries.
At the end of September, the House started to get a formal impeachment inquiry off the ground. Finally Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is stepping up against President Trump after numerous misfailings to this country. This is not the first time that President Trump has abused his power or used his money to get what he wants.
Before Trump was elected President, he allegedly had communications with Russia to leak out information about then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Now almost four years later, Trump is working with a different country, Ukraine, to get evidence on another candidate’s family member who may be running against him. Trump had a conversation with the Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, about former Vice President Joe Biden’s son. The White House chose to release parts of the conversation, but some parts would be incomplete. That led to the whistle blower coming forward, and then it led to the House Intelligence Committee interviewing him to find out more information. The government is wasting the American people’s time and money on an issue that we have seen before with him. Lawmakers need to do their job and stand up to this president.

Given the seriousness of what Trump has done and the fact that he has not kept his promises on issues when he was elected the American people should not tolerate his lies and cover-up’s anymore. He feels as if he is above the law and his power and money can keep him in office and that the American people love him.
America’s relationship with China was ok before Trump took office. In Nov 2014, then President Barack Obama and the Chinese President issued a joint statement on climate change and were working on a better relationship between the two countries. Once Trump took over he placed sanctions on the Chinese government as well as Iran. He has publicly stated any country who works with Iran will be punished. If Trump continues to have these types of relationships with other countries instead of trying to work things out those countries could attack us.
It is time to wake up Trump! According to Politifact only 17.6 percent of his promises were kept. He has broken 16.7 percent of his promises that he made before he was elected. The American people do not need to put up with a President who is going to lie and abuse his power to get what he wants. The American people need a President that is going to help them and deal with the issues that are most important to the people, not to themselves or their business associates. The lawmakers need to impeach President Trump right now before he does anything else to abuse his power or the relationships we have with other countries.