Dribbling Their Way to the Top


Ariana Polanco

Brooklyn Herrom looking to pass the ball against BHS during a recent game..

Serenity Mejia , Staff Writer

The pressure is on for this year’s Ridgeview Girls’ basketball team. Coach Travis Bivens was asked, “How do you manage playing time?” He responded by saying, “I don’t manage the girls’ playing time, they do”. That’s why the pressure is on for them, because if they do not work hard or put in effort they will not get the playing time they wish. This is the difference between Ridgeview and other high schools, because other high schools may have their coaches determine playing time instead of the players.
Although basketball may seem easy as a spectator, it’s a really tough sport when you’re actually playing. That’s exactly why, “It just takes hard work, because if you don’t work hard you won’t get anywhere” said returner, Sara Davis, sophomore. To add to the statement, Davis also said, “So if you want to play a sport just work hard at it”.
A fellow returner, named Jordan Francsico, a junior, said, “To play basketball it takes commitment”.
Returner, Kristin Marie Everett, a senior, stated, “Playing basketball isn’t about skills or talent, it’s about heart and the drive for success”.  Bivens was also responded by stating, “Defense that’s what it takes to play basketball”.
Davis, Francisco, and Everett were all asked, why they play basketball? They responded with almost the same response: it’s a sport they love and enjoy doing. So not only do these girls.

“Playing basketball isn’t about skills or talent, it’s about heart and the drive for success.” -Kristin Everett, Guard

Even though the girls’ determine their playing time Bivins has goals that he wants this team to reach.  “I want to achieve league,” said Coach Bivens. Apparently, they all have big goals they want to achieve for this season and hopefully they succeed. No matter what, they sure will achieve working together.
While Bivins has goals he want to achieve so do the players. Returner, Davis, has a goal and she replied, “Is to go far, get a ring, and work together”. Francisco, said her goal is, “To average at least sixteen points a game”. Everett, responded with, “This season I want to be challenged by hard teams, not only that, I want to overcome the challenge and become more successful”.  “I want to achieve league,” said Coach Bivens.
Lastly, in terms of schools the team believes they will have tough opponents.  Bivens response was, “I believe they are all tough, but that is what makes us tougher”.
Francisco, said “The toughest school would be Bakersfield High School because they have the best competitors in Bakersfield.” Davis, also responded with, “Bakersfield High School because it’s always a good game when we play them.”
Everett, agreed, “Bakersfield High school is our toughest opponent and has been for years. They execute the game well, and always bring a challenge’’.