Boys’ Varsity Soccer Sticking Together

Ariana Polanco, Sports Editor

Soccer season is just about to come to an end and the Boys’ Varsity soccer team has faced a lot of challenges they did not expect! The toughest opponents they have faced in league is Tehachapi because they are first in the league and Golden Valley. Their overall record is 4-7-3 (win-loss-tie) which has made them very discouraged early on in the season. Of course every game is a challenge, but they still try hard and put up a fight. Coach Phil Collignon still has hope for his boys. He states, “Despite the stats, we still have time to improve and make it to the top”. This just goes to show that they are still in the fight and hope to go far. Collignon is very passionate about soccer and his team, so there is no doubt they can finish the season strong.

When it comes to a team it is important to uplift and encourage each other to stick through whatever obstacle they might face together. Of course there will be ups and downs, but for Ferny Solis, who is a senior, he believes they are finally getting the rhythm of things and have done much better than previous games. Solis states, “I think playoffs is very promising for us, if we win the rest of our games we have a for sure chance”. Having a positive attitude is what makes you successful. There are many good teams within their division, but as a team they believe they can compete against them. Solis finds inspiration and motivation with his father. He states, “I find it in my dad mainly because he knows the game so well and if I ever needed help with advice about how I am playing, I’d definitely ask him”. If there was anything Solis could change about himself as a player when he’s on the field is to not over think and being able to know his next move a lot quicker. Solis graduates this year, so he plans on going to a CSU to major in Civil Engineering and also hopes to play soccer at the college level.

The Boys’ Varsity team is known for being good and how far they have gone each season. Josh Bueno, who is a senior, believes they have a lot of potential and could be as good as previous teams if they gain confidence in themselves. Bueno has set goals for himself this season stating, “ My goals for this season is to just go out there and enjoy since it is my last season, I did set myself to score at least 8-10 goals, but I have been hurt”. Even though Bueno has not yet reached his goal, he is still confident and willing to work for it. Having a good mentality is what makes you a good player and that is what Bueno has. Bueno says, “If I get a chance to play after high school I would, but as of right now I am just focusing on educational purposes right now”. Graduation is just around the corner, so he is getting ready for the next chapter in his life. 

Every year, the Boys’ Varsity soccer team shows out and impresses everyone, so they will be doing whatever they can to reach their goals as a team. Regardless of win or lose, they are always having a good time and willing to work their way up to the top even if it might not be easy. Together, anything is possible.