Ridgeview’s Wrestling Team Tackling Their Obstacles

Serenity Mejia, Staff Writer

So far this season, Ridgeview’s Wrestling teams have been doing amazing in their tournaments. Overall, both teams have a promising chance of making it to state. Two wrestlers who stand out the most are Genesis Quirarte, a senior and Justin Spainhoward, a junior.

Although you many people believe wrestling is simple, try being on the mat first. Take it from the ones who are actually doing the work. Quirarte states, “It takes a lot of focus and a lot of your time, but you just got to stay focused on it”. Spainhoward replied with, “Just a great mindset and being mentally tough because overall that’s how you’re going to make it through the season”.

With every season comes obstacles that the team has to overcome.  “I’d say gaining weight and keeping up with your cardio,” said Quirarte. While Quirarte states gaining weight is hard, Spainhoward replied with, “Getting back into shape, it was hard, but I managed to get it done and practicing with college students from CSUB helped”. All this hard work done by Quirarte and Spainhoward has helped them become their best selves. This proves that all the work that goes into wrestling is tough and you have to work hard if you wish to succeed.

When coaching others, you are able to see the potential they have, that they’re unable to see for themselves. Boys’ Coach, Aaron Garza, stated, “Right now we have a wrestler, Justin Spainhoward, also known as Chubbs, he’s been getting some college letters,” when asked if any wrestlers will sign this year to a college.  Spainhoward has been getting some recognition for his wrestling skills along with the support of his coach.

Everyone has something they want to improve on, so they set goals for themselves throughout the season and Spainhoward’s response was, “My goals were to place at every tournament I’ve gone to and go to state, and I’ve achieved placing at every tournament I’ve been at and have yet to go to state and place.” He was then asked, “Why do you wrestle?” “I wrestle because I was around it my whole life, my brothers wrestled, and I love the sport,” he answered.

Likewise, Quirarte has been working efficiently, to the point where she has been undefeated in her matches so far.  Quirarte was asked, which school was your toughest opponent. She stated, “My toughest school would be Ernest Righetti High School, because she was ranked number one in our valley”.  In preparing for her matches Quirarte states, “I listen to music to calm down my nerves.”  Lastly, “I guess I just learned to stay humble.”