Teens in the Age of Politics

Ariel Torres, Opinion Editor

It seems every decade, there is something that divides the nation. This time, it is political beliefs. There is the “left-sided party” meaning believing and fighting for social equality and egalitarianism. Then the “ride-sided party” which means supporting natural law, economics, and tradition. As a left winged person myself, people seem to think we only love to bash the alt. right, but that isn’t true. I love listening to people’s views and how they use them in their lifetime. I like to have long conversations in which we share our opinions all the while respecting each other. Many teens do not have any knowledge on anything politically related. I don’t think anyone’s beliefs are wrong, because it is their right to abide and live by them. Teens must get into politics. It affects and holds their future.
Being a teen in the age of President Trump puts a lot of stress on us that we don’t even realize we have. Having views that go against the president’s makes it hard to voice them, but we get it done anyway. Just because your views don’t match someone else’s, doesn’t mean you or them are wrong. Adults acquire that skill as time goes on, yet it is really cool how teens with different views from each other still remain friends. As a generation keeps changing; so do most of our views. Teenagers feel more compassionate towards others feelings.
Many teens after the 2016 presidential race felt dread. At least, those who cared enough to understand what was going on politically. Teenagers have to understand what is going on around them in order to understand what is happening to them. We need a way to figure out how to make teens more politically involved.
Although it may seem boring to most, it is necessary to know your laws and everything political. At least, teens should get into their local politics to understand what is going on locally.