Girls’ Softball Looking for a Promising Season



A Ridgeview player is ready to bat.

Jeremiah Rodriguez, Staff Writer

With the end of winter sports upon us, that could only mean one thing- the start of the softball season. The girls, especially the seniors are looking forward to this upcoming season because it is their last year. Their plan is to win the league and make it pretty far into playoffs, this is very achievable this year with all the talent they have on the team this year.
League has not started yet, but the girls have started off to a decent season. They are going to play in the Driller’s Tournament this year which will be held at Bakersfield High School. Coach Jerry Dumatrait said this about their upcoming tournament, “We play three really tough opponents at that tournament, but I know these girls will play their heart out every game and won’t go down without a fight. So I think we’ll be just fine at this tournament.” The girls’ have not started how they wanted, but the season is still early and there is room for improvement.
There is some real competition this season. In league Dumatrait says, “There are some teams in league that we need to keep an eye out for. Tehachapi and Bakersfield Christian are the teams we have to compete with for league.” As for playoffs, it’s a totally different competition. “We play in division two. We’re in the division with Garces, Tulare, and Monache which are all top tier teams, but I think the girls’ can get the job done.”
Dumatrait had this to say about the improvements they still need to make for this to be a promising season, “I think our batting right now can be a bit better and I know it will get better because of how hard the girls work at practice and another major thing is communication on the field.” If the girls’ can get these two things down their run in league and in playoffs will be a good one.
One of the standout players this year is Ariana Forthman. She is a varsity returner and she said this about the season and what she expects, “I’m feeling confident this season, not just in myself but as a team. I feel like we can achieve a lot of things this season if we all put in the effort.”
Tierra Beard is another player to keep your eye out for. She is ready for league and playoffs, “What I expect from us in league is to win it and for playoffs we’re in division two which is always a tough division every year, but I want us to get past two rounds at least.” The main goal of the season is to win while trying to have the most fun doing it.
Seidy Morua, a senior varsity returner, says “This year is my last year playing for Ridgeview so I want to win everything we can while making this season one to remember with these ladies.” Having fun while doing the thing you love the most is a great way to come into the season.
The softball team this year is looking very promising. All the hard work they do throughout the preseason is get them ready for league and playoffs. With the confident mentality they have and with a coach that pushes them and believes in them as much as Dumatrait does there is really nothing that can stop them this season !

Serenity Mejia
A Ridgeview softball player is in mid bat.
Serenity Mejia
A Ridgeview player is ready to bat.
Serenity Mejia
A Ridgeview player hit the ball in full swing.