Overcoming Adversity to Do the Sport They Love


Payton Fox

Cross Country runners dashing and making their way through the track.

Karla Velez, Staff Writer

As the Class of 2020 slowly comes to the end of its four years of high school, many students leave a mark at Ridgeview whether it may be among their group of friends or among the memories of all our staff and students. No matter what it was, each one leaves Ridgeview with everlasting memories of each staff member. 

Surely, this is seen in the running sports of Track and Cross Country where two students stand out among Ridgeview’s team. Seniors Payton Fox and Ased Adus both overcame adversity throughout their four years in their passion to run.

“Payton missed his entire Junior season with stress fractures and worked his way back to being a key player for the team,” says Head Cross Country Coach, Greg Dabbs. “Ased also missed most of last summer with a back injury and was able to return and be one of the top runners not only at Ridgeview, but also in the city of Bakersfield.”

Though these runners become the best after their physical struggle, the way back up required work to be done as they pushed themselves for the best. 

“I think with everything that happened, my life running was the one thing that made me feel good. Training was my life and still is,” Fox states. “I had dreams of running in college and knew that being disciplined was the only way for that dream to be achieved. I’m glad it paid off.”

While Adus pushes himself, “by being competitive. Not settling for less and not taking the opportunity for a grant.” Having in mind how difficult cross country can be with all the different training to be done and the time period for a competition.

Yet, despite the difficulties, these seniors are among one of the highlights of the Class of 2020 due to their hard work and courage. Ridgeview staff and running team all keep a sense of pride for Fox and Adus.

Coach Dabbs adds, “All your teachers and coaches are very proud of all your achievements and look forward to seeing all the great accomplishments you will have in college. No matter what life throws your way, you two are ready to take on life’s challenges.” 

With this in mind, the future for these two runners looks bright as both seniors plan to continue on to college and be part of their running teams.

Adus’s plans are to be seen at Cal State San Marcos, while Fox plans to study pre-med at a D1 college, “that shares the same vision” for his future.

With such a road, Adus and Fox both leave Ridgeview with many happy memories of their team and their coaches. Every single memory helps them leave a last note for future runners.

“Be patient and trust the process,” Fox states. “Do the little things just as much as the big things and put your all in everyday. If you have heart and drive, you’ll make it.”

Adus adds with a quote from Eliud Kipchoge stating, “100% of me is nothing compared to 1% of the whole team.”


Cross Country runners dashing and making their way through the track.