Working Hard On and Off the Court

Josh Bueno, Staff Writer

Sports to many may just seem like a way to pass time, whether it is with your friends or by yourself many just enjoy the sport as a pastime. Others see sports as a  lifestyle and because of this they push themselves to perfect their craft and compete with some of the best competition out there. With that lifestyle it comes with a lot of hard work, determination, some ups, and many downs, but for people like Lucca Van Fossen of the RHS Volleyball team she is willing to work hard on and off the court so she can perfect the craft that she has devoted much of her life to up to this point.

Van Fossen started playing volleyball in the sixth grade because she was tall and everyone told her to play. Van Fossen continued to play when her friend told her about club teams and ever since then she began to devote more and more of her time into the sport. Van Fossen stated that she continued to play the sport because “I’ve always had so much fun playing it and I loved the competition and it also helped me be active”. Van Fossen stated that her favorite memories of the sport are, “out of town tournaments and staying in hotels with my teammates”. 

         Van Fossen gets it done off the court as well as she has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school and is planning on going to college after high school. She is a prime example of a student athlete. She is a leader off the court and puts on a show when her team needs her and off the court she is focusing on her classes and doing what she can to keep her grades at near perfect conditions.

    For seniors it’s never tough to say goodbye to a home where many memories were crafted and many lessons were learned and Van Fossen started for her last message to the team, “I’m gonna miss playing with this team, so many memories were created and so many bonds were formed and I’m grateful for everyone of those bonds and memories”. Van Fossen made Ridgeview proud for the four years she was there and she  is a great example and leader for the Wolfpack. She is now ready to flip the page into the next chapter in her life where sadly she won’t be playing volleyball anymore, but she has decided to go to csub to continue her educational path.