Cancel Cult

Eric Cadenas, Staff Writer

     Cancel Culture has been an internet phenomenon. People hold influencers, celebrities, and other people accountable for actions in the past or present. The actions are usually racism, homophobia, etc. Every once in a while, on Twitter there will be a hashtag holding an influencer or person accountable. A lot of people support cancel culture and there are people who don’t support it. As for me, I don’t support cancel culture because some people dox (reveal private info to the public) and harass other people and influencers and people cancel influencers based on false information. 

     When Skai Jackson doxed minors because they were wearing blackface and saying the N-word. I condemn the kids doing that stuff but what Skai Jackson did was inexcusable. She released public information of these kids’ phone numbers and one of them was the wrong phone number and sent her followers to harass a kid that had nothing to do with anything. 

      When Doja Cat was cancelled, people said that she was using racist cam site (a website for people to chat and talk) and said something racist about middle eastern people, but all of the information was false. There was another video of the same site that she was in and the people explained that there was nothing racist on the site. She was telling jokes and hanging out with those people and the tweet was fake. Doja Cat was almost cancelled but people found out that the information was fake, and her career still goes on.

     People need to thoroughly look at all the information given to figure out if a person needs to be cancelled. A lot of people jump on the bandwagon without looking at any of the     information. This shows ignorance and makes innocent influencers look bad and ruin their careers. Therefore, cancel culture fails at doing anything good. People just pick a side and dismiss the others’ argument. 

     Cancel culture is extremely terrible when it comes to allegations of rape. When a person has an allegation against an influencer people just start cancelling them without any evidence from the other side. People should wait for both sides to say something and provide evidence so that they can find out who is in the wrong. Most of the time people don’t do this and the influencer’s career is ruined.

     I believe that cancel culture doesn’t work because the influencers that are cancelled are not impacted. Jeffree Star for example has been cancelled many times but still has his company because it doesn’t matter how many times he gets canceled, as he will still continue his career.

     Cancel culture harms more than it does good. We should be focusing on social problems that people are facing than caring about influencers lives. Cancel culture is a waste of time and we should talk about problems in the world.