A Comeback for Condors Town


Ryan Holt

The Bakersfield Condors Logo.

Staff, Staff Writer

     It is that time of year again when we get to see punches being thrown, teeth flying, and athletes flying across the ice. The Bakersfield Condors Hockey season was put to an end last year due to COVID -19, but this year they are back, and the season is due to kick off this month.

     According to Team President Matthew Riley fans can catch the condors this season on Fox Sports 970 AM radio or streamed on video  through AHLTV. In addition to this Riley says he hopes that a few games will be televised on a local channel for fans. 

    Riley says that the team is making sure that safety measures are being taken during this time. Riley adds, “there is a 100-page document of all the different protocols that will be followed just to make sure everyone remains healthy. Some of those things include regular testing, more spacing for players in the locker room and shared facilities, strict mask wearing etc. Additionally,  we will not travel as much to limit the amount of exposure on busses, planes, and hotel rooms. Things will look different, but it is all in the name  of health and safety.”

      Normally the Condors play 68 games, but this season Riley said the team will play 40 games that start in February and go until  May. Riley said that the players have, “already had a full training camp in Edmonton, our NHL affiliate prior to coming to Bakersfield. In fact, many of our players actually started the season in Europe, playing in various countries where leagues started earlier than NHL.” 

     For the Condors fans you can join in on their virtual activities. The condors hosted a virtually teddy bear toss recently. “ We’ve had virtual meet and greet style happy hours with players and coaches that we’ll look to continue… we’ll do the most we can while staying safe and it will feel great when things are back to normal and we’re able to have a rocking crowd.” 

    Senior Daniel Diaz is a Condor fan. Diaz says that he is looking forward to the season coming back, “ I am looking forward to the brawls.” 

    English teacher Jennifer Reynolds is also looking forward to the season starting. Reynolds states, “getting to see the fights again, “ is what she is looking forward to the most. 

    All Condors’ fans are getting ready for an exciting season. Riley adds, “ We thank all of our fans, partners, and city of Bakersfield for their support and patience. It’s been a trying time for many, and we hope that the return of Condors hockey will be a bright spot for the community.”