Joseph Alatorre Commits to Iowa


Kristen Hunter Flores

Senior Joseph Alatorre runs to first base after batting during a game

Jaysen Ford, News Editor

  17 year-old Ridgeview student Joseph Alatorre recently committed to Iowa Wesleyan University in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa for a baseball scholarship. Alatorre, has been playing baseball for 15 years.  “I feel like this opportunity will definitely teach me more than I already think I do,” he explains. “College baseball is a whole different competitive level. This opportunity will really help me expand my knowledge and be able to meet and play alongside some great baseball players,” Alatorre adds.

   The offer to play at a college level didn’t come easily though. “It was a fairly long process, getting a school to recognize your stats from being young especially being from a small town.” Alatorre says. “With Iowa, it began with the head coach reaching out to me, my travel ball coaches. They watched a lot of my videos, kept up with my stats, and finally were able to get an offer from the head coach.”

    Baseball coach and science teacher Robert Shahan shares his experience with being Alatorre’s coach. “When I found out that Joseph signed I was excited but not surprised. Joseph is one of the most naturally gifted players I’ve ever had the privilege to coach,” says Shahan. “Joseph is talented and kind. He is a good person and a good teammate. Most of all, he is a fierce competitor with a true love of the game of baseball. I am ecstatic that the game he loves is going to help him to earn a college diploma,” he adds.

     Alatorre’s accomplishment can be attributed to his strong drive and motivation. He describes his reasons to play simply. “I play baseball because it is my passion and my outlet to anything that goes around in my world.” says Alatorre. “Playing baseball just brings a great competitive side out of me, and I enjoy it because there is always something that I can do better.         Whether that be adjusting my stance, the way I hold the ball, the way I position my body, etc. I become my own competition. It is my therapy.” Alatorre also adds, “My family has been one of the biggest motivations. I am living my dad’s dream to be able to continue into this level and he’s been my greatest teacher and supporter in this all.” After college, Alatorre hopes to be able continue his passion of playing baseball.