Early College Class Comes to Ridgeview

Alexandra Rojas, Staff Writer

When asked about how the Journalism class at Ridgeview high school became to be an early college class,  teacher Kristen Hunter- Flores stated, “ Erin Auerback BC Adviser for the Journalism department approached me and asked me if I would be interested in taking on an early college class in Journalism to help BC and my students.”  

But how does this work? What are the benefits of taking the class now? Well,

Kyle Campbell explained that, “Early College is the opportunity for high school students

to get college credit through either Dual Enrollment or Concurrent Enrollment. Dual

Enrollment courses are classes that are offered on a high school campus with either a

high school instructor or a college instructor. Some courses are even a collaboration

between a high school and college instructor, like the JRNL B1 class that you are taking.

Concurrent Enrollment is when high school students come to BC and enroll in a college


Speaking of students, sophomore, Serenity Mejia made this statement when

asked about what got her interested in the Journalism class, “I just got curious about it and signed up for the class.” Also  what got Jaysen Ford interested in the Journalism  class he  said, “I heard about the class in middle school and thought since I had been in a yearbook class, I just

liked writing overall and I should just try it and sign up.”  

But what made BC reach out to RHS? “Our Journalism at BC reached out to me because they thought this would be a great class and opportunity for high school students to take through our dual enrollment program.” Responded Kylie Campbell, the  Program Director for Outreach.  Flores said this when asked about why she was interested in making her class an early college class, “I got involved in the early college program with BC to help my Journalism students get a head start on college with a class that they are already doing with me in high school.” 

Also asked the same thing Kyle Campbell stated, I am extremely passionate about this program. I was a dual enrollment student back in high school, and it helped me to get a great head start on my education and career. I felt more prepared for college and sure of what I wanted to major in because of my dual enrollment experience. I love creating these opportunities for high school students, and I am excited to watch the program keep growing. 

But what got the students into Journalism? Serenity Mejia stated that she just got curious about the class and signed up. This response from Ford was actually the opposite, “ I heard about the class in middle school, since I was in yearbook, I liked writing overall and just signed up for it.”