Need Summer School?? Their are Options

Kenyah Castro, Staff Writer

Students at Ridgeview High School are being given the opportunity to attend summer school this year. Whether it will be in person or online is still being discussed.

Drew Parker, Assistant Principal of Instruction, explains that, “Yes. As of right now, there has been discussions about summer school, but there’s no concrete plans yet or what the schedule will be or whether that will be in person or distance learning.” It was the district’s choice to keep summer school running. Parker goes on to say, “It’ll be a decision on, can we do it and in a distance learning environment or can we do it in person, and then we determine how many classes we can offer and look at those things. So, it’s district wide.” They are still trying to figure out how most of it is going to work out.

Student Persilla Madrigal gave her input on summer school. She thinks summer school is still taking place, “because kids need to retake a class or take an extra class”. Madrigal went on to explain that going to summer school was going to help her receive credits  for school. She explained how she thinks this situation will affect the students. She explained saying, “Well of course it sucks that we can’t go to school, but we have been doing online school for a while now, so it won’t surprise anyone if we do have to take summer school online.” There was another student that shared some input.

Victoria Reynolds thinks this situation will make the students more tired. She explains that she thinks summer school is still going on, “because it helps incoming freshmen get a head start and helps older students regain missing credits”. She, just like Madrigal, was explaining how it would be better for her to go in person. Although, she does think this will be helpful for students. She says, “I know this’ll help students, it did help me get a semi-understanding of how school will be like. So,  I’m sure this will also help others like past me, plus it gives you extra information before school actually starts.”

Parker was able to give a bit more information. He was explaining about when summer school will start. He says, “I think summer school would start shortly after graduation like it normally does. Unfortunately, it’s still hard to know at this time, but I would anticipate as soon as we can in the summer in order to get the classes going and get it real quick because then we have to start getting ready for next year.” He went on to state his opinion on how summer school will help students. Parker said, “It’s that opportunity to get ahead in a class. A lot of incoming freshmen will take health and get that out of the way so they can take an elective they want. Whether it’s fixing and making up a class or whether it’s getting ahead, I think it’s a good opportunity for our students.” The staff will be receiving more information later on and will find out whether the classes will be in person or online.