Swim Is Back to Testing the Waters


After having their season cut short last year due to COVID 19, this year’s swim team is looking forward to getting back into the pool and having a fun season. 

This year due to COVID 19 the team will have to make cuts as restrictions are only allowing 30 boys and 30 girls. Returning swimmers understand that this year the district has to put COVID protocols into place. Last year’s team captain and returner Seth Morris thinks that, “some of the athletes might not be able to compete” in regards to the protocols. Varsity returner Trixie Espinoza says, “I think that the team will have to work hard and take advantage of the little time we will have each practice in order to succeed.” This season all schools will see their practice time cut to the normal five- day practice to just two days in order to social distance in the pool. Espinoza feels one of the team’s challenges this season will be lack of time in the pool. “ Some of the challenges I think the team will have to face this season is time management since we are limited on the number of practices, we are able to have.”

This year’s team will see an addition on the deck as it has a new coach Colby Webb. Webb is a new Science teacher at Ridgeview high school. Webb brings his swim experience to the team as he used to swim in high school at North  and then received a scholarship to further his swim career at Bakersfield College and then a year at Utah State. He hopes he can bring his expertise in the Freestyle and the Fly.   His goals for this year’s team is that he wants,  “to be the development of a competitive and growth centric culture to the team. I want students to feel each lap they complete in either a race or practice is a meaningful step towards the common goal of the division title. Failure only occurs when you fail to do your best and try your hardest to win.

This year’s team will still include last year’s head coach Jason Paananen and Team manager Kristen Hunter Flores. The schedule for this year’s squad will look a little different, but the team will still face one of the toughest squads Stockdale High. Morris states, “ I like competing against Stockdale because most of the kids are fast and the competition is good.” Espinoza has different feelings as she is looking, “forward to playing against Centennial.” 

In terms of strengths for this squad Espinoza feels that they, “will be our teamwork and our method on how to handle pressure.”  Morris adds that the team’s strengths will be, “the seniors because we all know each other and have been swimming the longest.”  Hunter-Flores feels that this year’s team should perform well, “we are bringing back ten varsity swimmers which is good for this year’s squad in terms of experience brought into the pool.”  

Seth Morris in the Butterfly at a recent match. (Kristen Hunter Flores)