Pack News Senior Editors Re cap


Ariel Torres

Editors at a Journalism Convention two years ago in Anaheim.

Cristina Cornista/Ariel Torres, Opinion Editor/ Editor In- Chief

Cristina: Hey Ariel, how is your senior year going?  I would personally say it’s ok but weird since it is not normal.

Ariel: I would say it’s a bit boring. What was one of your most favorite memories at RHS?   Mine was getting to hang with my friends during lunch everyday.

Cristina: My favorite memory was hanging out with all of my friends at the lunch table. I remember all of our conversations and how funny they all were. What was your favorite class? Mine is journalism because we got to go on field trips that I didn’t get to go on for my other classes. For example, going to Anaheim and staying at a fancy hotel. 

Ariel:  My favorite was journalism because I made great friends here. What was your favorite memory in that class? Mine is the class parties where we watched movies and ate food.

Cristina: My favorite memory was going to Anaheim and meeting people from all over the world. It was a fun adventure that included learning a lot while also getting new friends.                                 What do you wish you would have done differently in high school? I wish I would have done one sport because I think it would have been a fun experience and I never got to do it. I definitely want to try it out in college, though.

Ariel:  I wish I would have slacked off less. Our class will never forget when that singer came to our school and nobody was really listening to her.

Cristina:  Yes, another event that happened during our four years in high school is the “COVID experience”. I remember my dad talking about this one virus that was popping up in China and I had thought it wasn’t a big deal back then but it suddenly appeared on all news programs like a huge explosion.   What do you think the class of 21 will be remembered by? I think we will be remembered as the “Zoom class” whose whole school year was mostly online. 

Ariel:   We will be remembered as the senior class that never set foot on campus.                                                What was one thing you liked about zoom school this year?  I liked being able to stay at home with my dogs.             

Cristina: One thing I liked was being comfortable at home. I loved hanging out with my dog whenever and getting to have as many bathroom breaks as I liked. One thing I will never forget about RHS is the amazing teachers, my friends who were the coolest people ever, and getting to have all these great experiences. I feel like RHS has really shaped me as a person. 

Ariel: I will never forget all the new friends I met and all the fun memories I created here.

Editors at a Journalism Convention two years ago in Anaheim. (Ariel Torres)