Searching For The Ideal Roomate For College



A image of a clean and dirty dorm room.

April Gonzalez, Features Editor

First-year students at many Universities are required to live on campus. Some colleges restrict new students to freshman dorms and restricted housing choices, while others don’t even let you choose your own roommate. You are paired with another student, and you have no say about who you will live with.

Ridgeview has a lot of amazing and hardworking students such as Aaliyah Iniguez who will become a Matador at CSU Northridge. One of the most exciting things about going to college is being able to start your life and career. Iniguez is looking forward to, “the dorms. I want to be able to see if  I can live on my own, being able to make friends and be independent with my schoolwork”. When it comes to dorms there are rules set in play. Iniguez has her own set of rules such as, “My only rule is to ask beforehand if you need something and to respect me¨. Everyone is dreading one thing when it comes to moving away from home and into a room with a stranger. Iniguez is dreading having a roommate that won’t return her belongings when they are borrowed. Everyone has an ideal roommate and  Iniguez says, “My ideal roommate is someone who is down to do anything with me even if it’s really late at night and that they are outdoorsy people”. There are pros and cons in roommate Iniguez pros and cons, ¨I would want my roommate to be adventurous, but I do not want a rude roommate and don’t respect my space¨.  In a few months she will start her own path and leave her mark on this earth. 

Cristina Cornista is also one of our seniors going off and starting their lives and getting into adulthood. Cornista is going to be an Aggie while attending UC Davis. High school is all fun and games, but the real excitement is at college Cornista is mostly excited for, “I’m looking forward to the dorm experience because I think it’ll be fun living with someone new. I think living in dorms instead of my house will help me be more independent”. We all have rules it’s how we keep ourselves and others out of trouble especially when we are all out and about alone with the college life  Cornista has some rules, “They have to be quiet when I’m trying to sleep, there has to be an agreement to how many guests they want to invite and how often, they have to be clean, don’t make the room that messy”. One of Cristinas pet peeves/ something she is dreading for the college experience is, “If they have too many guests over and too often and late night parties when I’m trying to go to sleep”. With Covid still going on health safety has risen for Cornista especially because she will be living with a stranger she will be extra cautious. We all prefer things in roommates and  we have things we wouldn’t like for Cornista. Those things are, “One thing I would like in a roommate is someone who is fun to talk to and be around,One thing I don’t want is someone who parties way too often”.  Cornista is a hard working student that enjoys road trips, hiking, and loves to watch Netflix in her free time and is looking forward to relaxing this summer. 

Trixie Espinoza will be going from being a part of the wolf  pack to a Mustang at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. College is filled with people waiting to make their dreams come true. It’s where adulthood begins and Espinoza is most excited for, “I am looking forward to the dorm experience, a bit nervous, but I am excited to get a chance to meet new people and try new things”. With college comes meeting new people and having a roommate, Espinoza ideal roommate is, “My ideal roommate is someone who respects my personal space, knows how to look after themselves and clean, and also someone who can be very fun to hang around with”. Espinoza is very organized  with her things and she likes to be maintained in a clean environment. There’s always some things we want and don’t want in our roommates and Espinoza is, “One thing I would like in a roommate is for them to have one hobby that is the same as mine so we can share that common interest and have fun, One thing I don’t want in my roommate is them being extremely messy or rude”. Life is full of rules to keep things in line Espinoza also has some rules of her own. She says, “I think some rules I have are just the common ones. Such as: don’t forget to replace the toilet paper and trash bag, be respectful, don’t make much of a noise when I am sleeping, and overall, just be courteous”. Making friends comes fairly easy for Espinoza. She thinks, “I get along great with everyone, but I think there’s always that one person who you just don’t share any common interests with and aren’t able to”. Trixie has left her mark here at Ridgeview High school and we can’t wait to see what life has planned for her at and beyond college.