Rushing To The Clubs

Viviana Lopez, Staff Writer

The excitement of being back on campus is here. Starting off the school year, with students being able to celebrate with “Club Rush,” where all of the clubs at Ridgeview High School come out during lunch to present themselves to all the students and encourage them to join. A fun event where everyone could participate! Students were able to sign their name to join a club that they are interested in or want to participate in. 

For this year, the president of the Asian club, Angela Williams, states that, “The Club Rush is to show what different things the campus has to offer and to get people more involved at school.” Basically, during “Club Rush” all the clubs come out present themselves, and the students could ask or see what they have to offer in that club. 

 This year, there were about 24 clubs out to present how long they have been a club and what are things you could do and go. Before, when a student thought or wanted to join the club he/she would sign their name on a paper that the club had, they would put their name, and student UID, so the club could contact them when needed. There were some posters around the school and on the schools Instagram page where they posted the date, time, and place “Club Rush” was going to take place, so it would engage the students to participate in joining different kinds of clubs. 

Some of the clubs out there were, Asian Club, Gaming Club, Cooking Club, DJ Club, and Chess Club. This year so many students went out where the clubs were located and signed up, it was so exciting to see most of the school participate in this exciting event. 

During the Freshman and Sophomore lunch there were so many of them participating, it was exciting to see them get out of their comfort zone. Each of the clubs got to talk about what they do, what makes their club different, and what thrilling things they could experience in being in that club. All the clubs had very good presentations where they showed the excitement of the club and also what they could learn from joining the club. Although it was a hot sunny day everyone participated and showed great pack spirit at “Club Rush”. Most of the clubs got so many students to sign up and to hear about the club. It was an exciting event to let students know what a great and fun campus Ridgeview High School is and what it has to offer compared to other schools in Bakersfield. Ridgeview High School has exciting events every school year for the students to have a great time during their high school experience and just to enjoy it while they can. The “Club Rush” is to get the students to start getting involved in activities and fun things at school where everyone could join and have a great time while being in high school. This Club Rush was a huge success for Ridgeview High school. Go Wolf Pack!