New Coach New Outlet


Justin Hernandez

Ridgeview High Schools Football Team lined up for Night Lights .

Aaron Lainez, Staff Writer

Finally back on the field, Ridgeview’s football team is  getting started with a new outlook. The Pack has a new coach this season, Casey Quin. Quin knows there is still a lot of work to be done but is excited and ready to work hard. Quinn says, “ Their willingness to be uncomfortable and try new things says a lot about their character, they sacrifice a lot to be productive student athletes, “about his new team. He played football in high school, so he knows what it takes to be a top football player. Quinn adds, “Being consistent in everything is important, whether you’re in math class, history class so you can be successful”. 

 Different people have different inspirations. But  Kevin Chapman, Receiver, says “My dad is my inspiration and he is the person that got me into football”. He enjoys his season and is happy to play football again after long quarantine. He knows there is still a lot of work to be done on the field. He says he overcomes challenges by running his plays again. Chapman  says, “If I can’t get it the first time, I run it again, I redo it till I get it right”.  Chapman  wants to play football in college and has high hopes for his future in football. Chapman  wants to continue playing football in college, he says he wants to play, “Somewhere in Arizona”. He knows he must work hard and has determination. He is at practice everyday and runs the route again and again until he gets it right. That shows his dedication to the sport. 

Center, Devin Talkington, has been playing football for eight years and is happy to have a full season after returning to school from quarantine. He describes overcoming challenges as “ going up a hill, once you get to the top, it’s easy from there”. He says, “Ridgeview football team is like a family because they are close and that’s what makes them a better football team”. He says the new coach is tough on them, but knows that he just wants what’s best for the team. 

Talkington says the crowd hypes you up for the football games, but also says that he zones them out because they will cause you to stress over the game and overthink and that could mess you up. Talkington would like to play football at Fresno State because they are close to home. 

Dakota Blackwell, a junior, likes his season and is working hard to be a strong help to the football team. His position is Defensive Line. He says he is having fun playing football. He knows there is work to be done, but says that the Ridgeview football team is working hard. He says the games excite him and looks forward to playing football again his senior year. He also says he has already made many memories playing football. He looks up to his mom and says she has always been there for him.