Lunch Much

Moises Valencia, Staff Writer

Students got to get their grub on at Ridgeview’s campus on Friday September 10th in the first Food Sale in over 18 months.  The person in charge of organizing the food sale was Jose Valadez, the leader of the ASB office. 

The food that was available for purchase was to be picked out by the clubs at Ridgeview High School. Most students seem to really enjoy the food sale and being back on campus.

To purchase food first you had to acquire tickets to obtain them you had to visit a booth during lunch, in the morning, or  during the food sale. Each ticket was equivalent to one dollar and you were allowed to use the tickets you didn’t spend during the food sale, to buy from the student store. There were numerous stands and booths which included both food and or drinks.

 Students Tanveer Bara, May Vazquez, and Aubrey Flores, were interviewed about the food sale. The students were all asked to suggest what food they would like to have available to purchase for the next sale. Flores said, “Starbucks”, Vazquez would like fried chicken, and Bara wants hot Cheetos with nacho cheese. Bara also suggested a bounce house to play in for ten tickets. Flores states, “The food was overpriced and cold.” Brar and Vazquez however found no problems at all. The three students thought the food sale was a good idea and quoted, “We should have the food sale once or twice a month”. Flores did not enjoy the sale because, “The caramel coffee was watered down.” Brar enjoyed it with no problems. 

     Valadez stated, “the only problem was during the second lunch they ran out of everything”. Each club got to pick what food was available and earned money from the sale depending on how well their stand did. There were 12 food stands available during the sale in total including the ticket booth. Valadez was supporting clubs during the food sale. There will be four food sales in a year. There will be a pre-order option next time, so you can order and pay in advance to make sure you get the food you want during the sale. Make sure to participate in the next food sale on October 22nd, 2021.