Girl’s Tennis is Back to Swinging

Diana Rodriguez, Staff Writer

This year’s girl’s Tennis team is excited to be back playing after a shortened season due to Covid. Last year’s usual girl’s tennis coach, Laura Rice, was not able to coach the girl’s due to having to coach the boy’s tennis team. When asked about the season so far  Rice replied with, “So far, we have been doing pretty well.” 

When it comes to the team Rice stated, “It’s kind of almost a brand new team, I graduated everyone from two years ago, so it’s kind of been a learning experience.” Some returners include Senior Arianna Sullivan, Senior Sierra Bursett, Junior Sadie Padilla. When Sullivan who has been playing for three years was asked about how it feels to be playing tennis again after quarantine she responded saying, “It feels good to play because I am able to be outside after a whole year of being inside” Bursett, who has been playing tennis for four years, replied with, “It’s good to be back…” 

Rice coached tennis 10-15 years before starting at Ridgeview and 22 years at Ridgeview. When asked about her coaching style she said, “I am not like super strict disciplinary, but there are things I want to have get done… I am serious about what I do, but you know I try to make it fun.” The girls practice everyday after school from 3:45 to 6:00, so two and a half hours. 

Two girls from the team after being asked if they enjoyed matches replied, “Yes, they are really fun,” and “ I do enjoy matches because I get to talk to the other opponents and make new friends.” Nerves before a match are very normal and Rice helps the girls calm them by telling them, “Everyday is a new day, walking out on the court and just doing the best they can and you know don’t get upset with them and let them know they are doing their best.” 

After being asked who her biggest influence was Sullivan replied, “I’d say all my coaches that I have had because they just taught me to become better at tennis.” Bursett had a different response , “My dad is my biggest influence because he helps me a lot with tennis,” Sullivan stated, “I am planning on becoming a professional tennis player after high school.