Serving Our Way Onto the Court


Emma Briones

Wolf Pack blocking the ball to avoid the other team from getting a point.

Aaron Martinez, Staff Writer

Ridgeview Volleyball Leaders Optimistic Over Their Growth Potential The season has not been the easiest for the Wolfpack Varsity Volleyball team, with a record 1-13 coming towards the end of the season and 0-3 in Central Section League; lead by head coach Varsity Camile Ramirez. 

However, this does not stop Kaitlyn Corral’s 11th 2-year Varsity player from staying optimistic about the team’s growth potential. In an interview with Kaitlyn, her response to the team’s season “I am most excited to see how we grow as a team this season, a lot of the team moved from frosh/soph straight to Varsity and have not played in over a year. So, it will be interesting to see how we play against other teams at a different level than we are used to.” Covid impacting all high schools’ sports has left athletes and team training in the dark. Coming back to school and athletics has been an adjustment for all. Team collaboration and team bonding keep teams together during challenging times. Kaitlyn states that during practices, they stay competitive, keeping the energy going. This team collaboration will keep them bonded and an opportunity to get stronger as a team. Staying focused on team goals can help the Ridgeview Varsity team finish the season stronger. Kaitlyn team leader stating if they are constantly growing as a team throughout the season and learning from every game this will make the team better. 

         Also interviewed Janae Hutson, Senior 1st-year Varsity Volleyball, is excited to travel with the team. Janae stated, “Our team goals would be to communicate better as a team since we all are coming back from a weird year.” The team respects and sees the best in their coach Camile Ramirez, which is a win on any athletic team. Janae ends with, “My coach is kind and genuine, which is why I love her!” Ridgeview Volleyball team aspires to do better and stay optimistic towards the team’s future success