Excitment Back At The Kern County Fair


Emma Briones

One of the entrances to this years Kern County Fair 2021.

Emma Briones, Features Editor

 After all the things that happened the past year the Kern County Fair was back this year with some changes due to COVID. There were four less rides at the fair, there were only half of the animals than there were in 2019. They were sanitizing stations all over, and they were handing out face masks to anyone who wanted one. 

         One student at Ridgeview who attended this year’s fair is Gabriella Rameriz. Rameriz went to the fair, she says as long as she’s spending time with her friends it’s all that matters to her. Although there was some changes to the fair this year. Overall her experience was good. “ I had fun, I went on some other rides and I didn’t even notice that there were missing rides.” Rameriz said “I didn’t really have the best time the last time I went .” The last time she went to the fair she didn’t have the best experience and she’s glad she had a great experience this time.This time she noticed the fair was different because some people were wearing masks. 

         Aaliyah Macias, a sophomore, also went to the fair. “My favorite part of the fair was the rides.” She said. “I actually seen a lot of people wear their mask.” Macias says she didn’t think most people are going to be as safe as other people because some just don’t care. Macias says we could’ve waited until next year but at least some things are getting back to normal. The last time she went to the fair it was okay because it was hot and there were too many people . Her experience this time was different from the last was so much better and she had a lot of fun.


         Elias Amezquita who is also attending the fair said, “There were too many people there.” Two years ago when he went to the fair he had fun and he was excited to go back. Amezquita was more excited for the food at the fair than anything else. The thing he noticed this year that was different from two years ago was that some people were being safe and wearing mask and also noticed that there were some sanitation stations.

           The theme of the fair was “The fun starts here”, they did do some stuff to take precaution. A lot of people were there and a lot of people were safe.

Emma Briones