Are Tiktok Trends Going To Far?



Ridgeview high school students destroyed bathroom after devious lick tiktok trend started

Kiara Ramos, Staff Writer

When do devious licks cross the line? In my opinion devious licks will always most of the time cross the line. ‘Cause they destroy property and are disrespectful, this trend mostly takes place at any public school, mostly high schools.

 According to the government, anyone who participates in the devious licks trend will face and pay a fine of more than $15k! People will go to the farthest lengths to be trendy and don’t think they’ll face any consequences. If you think that there’s never going to be a price to pay, then I’d say think twice because there always is. People on the social media app “TikTok” have already participated or are participating in the devious licks trend. It was not necessary to join in on the famous trend that we call devious licks, they just wanted to fit in and make money. 

People will do anything to make and get money, they won’t care unless they have money and are well known to others. They think that by doing this trend is a good way of making money, but all this money goes to the main company and from there they have the choice of how much people get paid. I’m surprised at how many people have participated in the devious licks trend and still haven’t had the need to pay a fine or get canceled/trolled on because people see it as a cool and trendy thing to do and not know the consequences to stuff like this. Devious licks are supposed to seem and be a cool thing to do but it just really shows how much respect you have for your community, government, the people that surround you in your everyday life, and yourself. I get that you want to fit in with the others that are doing the trend but is it really worth being disrespectful to your community? They make and provide materials that are an everyday necessity such as bathrooms and if you go to mess it up by removing the soap dispensers or bathrooms stalls/doors then you’re really just ruining it for your peers that actually respect these things that are being provided for us. 

They want to use the bathroom in peace, wash their hands in peace for their sanity-for everyone’s sanity. Some of us can actually be mature and not ruin our community/environment just for a TikTok trend that is eventually just going to be forgotten about in the future. If you do this and say you’re mature, you’re really not because a mature person wouldn’t disrespect their community and environment just for a TikTok trend that eventually is just going to wither away. There’s going to be more bizarre things that people are going to do for this trend–so where do devious licks really cross the line?