RHS Students Get In The Giving Spirit And Give Back


Jayson Ford

RHS students donated canned foods in spirit of give thanks week

Jorge Arteaga, Staff Writer

ASB did a “Give Thanks Week” which gives back to the community of Bakersfield and the students of Ridgeview High School. This event occurred the week before Thanksgiving break with every day of the week being a charitable deed of a different sort. Starting off the week with Message Monday, then Tik Tok Tuesday, Class Colors Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and Feelin’ Good Friday to end the week off.

Giving back to the community and the students of Ridgeview is on all ASB members’ minds throughout the duration of “Give Thanks Week”.The pure objective of this is to expand helpfulness around this community. Head teacher of the ASB club Jose Valadez puts this statement out of what he expected, “Highlighting the positive and good that’s already happening in our school and community” donating one’s time to help during this event and to do more is encouraged for this occasion on campus.

ASB staff are proudly wanting to help people in need and give them as much as they can offer with this event. Student Anicia Renee Carrillo, in which she goes to say “I want to continue making people feel welcomed in this school.” Making this community a more positive and loving place for everyone is an attribute highly pinpointed for these students of the ASB club.

Continuous help will be brought to the people in need by the ASB staff during this week of giving thanks. Anything that could better one’s day goes a long way, Kirstn Jimenez Gray

 Stated the event’s purpose, “Main goal making a difference for others in need.” Gray is in high hopes for making variations of these events to keep helping others in any slightest way because there is always someone who needs help according to this senior.

With the pandemic bringing down the community of Bakersfield, Carrilo shares her thoughts on why “Give Thanks Week” was accumulated for the students of Ridgeview which she goes on to say that “Since we just came back from a very serious point in history, I feel like we should all be grateful for one another.” Hopefully to bring down any sort of tenison that has been brought by these factors, Carrillo is determined to relieve students with this week of giving thanks.

ASB is hoping that the students will participate in this event and cheer up the people around such as friends, family, or even teachers. How can people help with their generosity and with their entitlements? Gray provides this view that “People are more privileged than they think and some people don’t realize how much privilege they have.” Gray wants people to use their privilege for the better good and helping the less fortunate to help better our community.

The community is obviously prioritized to these students of ASB club and giving out more than they receive to help others.“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” said Kathy Calvin