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Serenity Mejia

RHS student Eduardo Rosales standing on campus

Serenity Mejia, Editor In Chief

After not having Winter Formal last year because of Covid,  Ridgeview High School will have its first formal in two years.  COVID precautions will be taken students and staff are going to be required to wear face masks at all times indoors. 

Senior McKenzie Lugo is participating in all events this year due to not having her second half of sophomore year and her junior year. School dances are where students can go and have fun and enjoy their high school experience, Lugo says, “I think it will be fun because the dances at Ridgeview dances are always fun”. School events are always a night to remember. Lugo is most excited to have fun with friends and make memories to take with her in the next chapter of her life. 

Alexia Lean is a senior at Ridgeview High school , Lean says, “I’ve never been to a ridgeview dance, but I hope this year has good music and it’s a fun night to remember¨. We had some interesting guesses for this year’s theme. Lean guessed “the theme might be elements because of ice and fire and maybe the next one might be wind or earth”. 

This year’s theme is Fire and Ice. Valadez says, “we talked and had different ideas. We were thinking fantasies and what not but this one gave us more options so we went with it” .Jose Valadez is the ASB advisor in charge of the dance this year, Valadez says, “ this year’s formal will be located at El Tango Reception Hall on Woodmire the same location we’ve been having it for years and years”. This location has been a traditional location Valadez says, “It’s the one we go to every year. They take care of us there, it’s super convenient and it’s close to everyone’s houses so we love having it there”. Space is limited in the hall, “we may outgrow it though because we can only have up to 500 people there, because as the year´s pass we have more and more kids attending which is a good problem to have but we might outgrow that venue” says Valadez. 

Tickets Started selling after Thanksgiving Break Valadez says, “we are planning to have our one day bid sale at the end of the month, first we will do an ASB sticker sale, Then we will have a one day bid sale November 30th and those will start at $35 and $40. As the weeks go on the prices will rise by $5 until the formal date arrives, $75 will be the highest the prices get. You must have all your school fines paid for before you are allowed to buy a Formal bid”. Formal will be different this year because they did not host one last year Valadez says, “We are trying to go all out with this one we are going to spend a couple more dollars. We want to have that big return to normal so we want to go extra flossy with this one”.