How To Begin Preparation As Finals Week Approaches


RHS Staff

Ridgeview High School Final Schedule for the 2022 School year

Viviana Lopez, Staff Writer

It’s December and you know what that means? It’s that time of year when finals are coming! The time is here where students should prepare for finals. A final is a test given to students at the  course of study. Studying for finals can be both stressful and scary because these finals could be worth high percentages of your grade and can determine how well you do at school. There are many steps to being able to take this test, not to worry, Ridgeview High School has great teachers, counselors and staff that could help with any problems or concerns for finals this year.

 Ridgeview’s counselor, Elia Negrete, states that, “I tell students to go to tutoring if they need to and constantly remind them throughout the semester that I know that teachers stay after school or before school and even during lunch time they’re are in the classroom  and to take advantage of the time.” Basically, everyone could take the time to go and talk and ask for help from your teachers for finals if it is something you are struggling with this year. The main reason is that teachers, counselors, and staff want students to ask and get help for finals, for we the students could be prepared and stress free for all of us for finals. Most students worry and stress over finals when it comes to the point that we have to study for them. Every student has a way of preparing for finals and what helps them get through finals without being stressed over them. 

One of Ridgeview student, Paris Smith, states some ways that she prepares for finals, ¨ Ways I prepare for finals are that I study months before because finals could be really stressful for me, and also I ask my teachers for any things I need help with.” Students should start preparing for finals months before, not weeks before because it would really take a toll on you, the day of finals. Every student should just take advantage of everything our teachers give to help us. Also effective study tips can help reduce stress and increase your grade point average. Teachers  could also get stressed when it comes to finals and preparing us so we could be prepared for how the finals are going to be like in their class. 

One of Ridgeview Spanish teacher, Anabel Cisneros, states that, “Don’t think of the final as a big test, it is basically everything you already know, all combined into one, just take a deep breath, you got this and you guys will do great!” So everyone should not overthink on the finals and just think positive. Just do what is best for you to prepare for finals and don’t let it stress  you out because it would have a negative effect on how you are going to do.