How Many Remakes Is Enough?

Moises Valencia, Staff Writer

How do remakes make original movies worse? Are all the remade movies as bad as people say or are they good? Most people say that movies that were remade are bad or mediocre at best, there has been Space Jam, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, IT, Mulan,  and the Lion King.

 There are many reasons why a studio might make a remake/reboot,from being too complicated and starting fresh, too old,or to make more money from a good idea.      

At Ridgeview High School there was an interview about what they thought about so many movie remakes.Emmanuelle Ochoa,Isaac Zambrano,and Ty Johnson, Ochoa said “I don’t watch movies regularly.” Johnson’s favorite movie is “Finding Nemo,” Ochoa stated, “I don’t like movies” and Zambrano Uttered “Halloween Kills.”

All three liked movie remakes, but when it came to how many remakes there were, they disagreed. Johnson found it “unnecessary”, Ochoa thought sometimes the studios make good remakes,Zambrano thought there were way to many.

All three think sometime studios can make a good remake.Zambrano wants there to be a Friday the 13th remake, Ochoa wants Sandlot, and Johnson wants ether Lilo and Stitch or Moana to be remade.When asked should movies be better off not remade Johnson and Zambrano said no but Ochoa disagreed stating “sometimes,it depends on what movie.” Can be better that the original all three said “yes, sometimes.”When asked if they would now watch movie remakes/reboots all three stated “Yes, if I have time.”


Movies can be watched alone, with friends, or family the movie always stays the same. Although movies like Halloween Kills or Infinity War can be really well made and tie all the other movies together to make a really good timeline,nothing can beat the original.