Students Learning About Plans After High School


Emma Briones

Claire Miller held a presentation for students with no interest in college

April Gonzalez, Social Media Editor

As the school year comes to an end with only four months left, for seniors have to start thinking about their life plans for after high school. This year at Ridgeview High School they focused on helping students find a plan who would not like to attend college after high school. 

Claire Miller the Photography teacher here at Ridgeview created and held a presentation called “plans after high school”. Miller stated, “Why are we doing this…well I see that our counseling department is great about providing support for students who are preparing to go college like helping with applications and deadlines, but sometimes the students who don’t choose that path may not feel as though they have as much support.  I also want students to know that college isn’t the only option and you’re not failing if you don’t attend college”. Miller says this presentation will contain, “post high school options that DO NOT include college, like going into the workforce right away and building a resume, joining the military, learning a new trade/skill and considering a gap year, etc. But the biggest idea here is to get students to set some kind of goals and find motivation in something that will empower them to be productive citizens and find some joy while doing it”.

Miller goes into detail on explaining the overall goal of the presentation. Miller states, “I do think this will help students plan for post high school or at least help them find some motivation or inspiration.  If they start asking questions or inquiring about their post high school possibilities then I think it is helpful.  We just want to put information into students’ hands so they can make the best decisions for themselves”. 

Eric Cardenas is a senior at Ridgeview High School he says he wants, “to work at a job”. Every choice has a cause and a reason to it, Cardenas says, “I’m choosing my plans over college because I feel like I can’t do college”. Cardenas attended the presentation hosted by Miller and says, “ The presentation did help me on deciding on what to do in the future”. Cardenas does want to attend a trade school or military service which isn’t uncommon for more seniors, most seniors take a “gap” year where they take time off of school and make money for a year or more then they attend college when they feel ready to do so.