Was The Money Worth it?

Kiara Ramos, Staff Writer

Was formal worth it? I, myself, think it was. Yes it was a little pricey, but the memories I made that night with the people I was with. They had to change the location multiple times because of the virus and they were trying to stay safe because it is a deadly virus especially its variant. They didn’t want anyone getting infected and themselves too, trying to protect everyone, but no matter how much they try to protect someone is always going to get hurt or infected in the process. 

Dancing all night long, getting along, just feeling it and vibing it out. It was good to forget all the troubles or anything that had happened recently. All I want in life or what everybody wants is to live their life and not worry about much. Although we still end up worrying about our future. As if going out one day will ruin a day of studying? 

High School is going to have so many memories and formal being one of them, it started sprinkling, but we didn’t let that end our night. We kept dancing and vibing until it was ending, by the time we had to leave it started raining a lot more. Ended at the perfect time, but we wanted to have fun, and we did. We bonded with people that we never thought we’d bond with. It’s events like these that bring everyone together, there may still be COVID-19 around but we still manage to do homecomings, prom, formal, football games, or just games/events in particular. We don’t and aren’t going to let this virus ruin our high school experience. It’s a lot of people’s last year here and they want to make the best of it. No matter the circumstances. We know the risks and what could happen but underneath all that we genuinely just want a normal experience in high school. Ever since COVID-19 came around, it messed up a lot of our lives and our school experience that we were always excited for in the future. Everyone looked great, the decorations were also really good and just loved how everyone let go that night. Yes, there were a lot of people that didn’t or couldn’t go, but later on when they saw everyone having fun they regretted not going but there’s always next year if this virus doesn’t ruin it for us. 

Since this virus has been out-a lot of us couldn’t have or live the life we wanted for ourselves. Like some of our parents got more strict about us going out and going out to school events because they obviously  don’t know where a lot of us have been recently and they don’t want us risking our health. Ticket prices varied to $35-$75 for about five weeks, raising the prices by every $5-$10, these tickets really zoomed through. So was the formal worth the money you paid or the time and effort you put into it?