COVID At Home Tests Provided By The District


April Gonzalez

Student Azalia Rippee holding a at home COVID test kit provided by Kern High School District

Genesis Gonzalez, Staff Writer

With the latest surge in Covid, at home PCR tests have been hard to find. California decided to give k-12 schools access to PCR tests to hand out to their student population. Every student who wanted a test was given one which included two tests. 

  Taisha Alvarado, the Assistant Principal of Administration at Ridgeview High School is in charge of facilities and safety for students. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 Alvarado has been in charge of giving students rapid Covid home tests. According to Alvarado, the school  has handed out approximately 2,000+ PCR tests to students. She mentions, “If you test positive for Covid you will need to quarantine for ten days and if you are unvaccinated you will quarantine for longer depending on the level of exposure”. Alvarado also states that even though the Covid cases have been rising she believes the school has been doing a great job following restrictions as a whole. 

  Chosen Wright, a Sophomore at Ridgeview High school says that at home rapid tests results aren’t accurate. Wright states, “Although for the most part PCR test results have been accurate there has been a 30% chance a false positive result may appear”. She also states that the administration at Ridgeview High is doing good with trying to keep students and staff safe by providing free rapid Covid tests but believes to still get a proper Covid test if you test negative.

 Brandon Wright a Senior at Ridgeview High school believes  that at home rapid tests are accurate. He states he has taken one before due to having contact with a friend who tested negative and immediately tested negative which was accurate because he had no symptoms.