Boys’ Tennis Swinging They’re Way Back From COVID

Diana Rodriguez, Staff Writer


Ridgeview’s Boys’ Tennis season is underway. They did not have a regular season last year because of quarantine. Due to last year’s shortened season the boys’ are ready to have a regular season this year.

This year’s team is being coached by Laura Rice, she has been coaching for about 14 years. When asked about what she has done this past year to improve herself as a tennis coach she replied with, “I never try to stop learning and watching different types of videos of different types of drills just to try and keep it interesting for me and as well as the players.”

Rice said that her favorite part about coaching boys’ tennis was their competitiveness. Also when she was asked about the part she finds most rewarding she said, “I like to see the kids improve in a life long game.”

Rice helps her team calm down their nerves before a match by, “Just let them know that they have to go out there and play their hardest.” Her standout player this year is Inderpal Singh who was her number one player last season.  

This year will be Inderpal Singh’s last season playing for the team. When asked about how he felt to be on the tennis team he said, “It feels really good but I also feel really sad because this is my last year playing tennis and also covid really ruined my sophomore and junior year.” He adds, “It feels really good to be playing again after quarantine, but he was still able to play his junior year.”

Another player who is a returner this year is Rajveer Singh who is a senior. He has been playing tennis for three years now. When he was asked about how he felt about playing again after quarantine he said, “It feels really good because during quarantine I was stuck at home and I couldn’t play tennis.” Also when he was asked about how he felt about matches he said, “I really like them because of the competitive feeling you get.”