Softball Looking To Strike Out Their Opponents


April Gonzalez

Senior Varsity returner Mackenzie Caraballo practicing out in the fields for upcoming games

Aaron Martinez, Staff Writer

The Ridgeview softball team is excited with the start of this season. After struggling last season and finally having a full season for the first time in two years due to Covid, the Wolfpacks softball team hopes to have a strong one . The team is looking forward to it  and aims to make a big impact this year.

After a difficult season last year, they are hoping for a better year this year. Deb Whitbey, the head coach, remarked when asked about the upcoming season and responded with,  “ I am so excited about this year’s team.  Although we have Six seniors, everyone else is pretty young.  We have a lot of talent.  So the potential to do really well is there.  But more importantly they are nice girls.  They are pretty funny too so practice is always a fun place to be. I’m really looking forward to playing this season’’

 Everyone is looking forward to this season because it will be their first complete season in almost two years.  All athletes, parents, and teachers appear to be optimistic. The magnifying glass was focused on the importance of sports in the lives of young people. Young people require engagement and social life, in which sports provide a healthy and good method to do. It is critical for a team’s success to have a good bond with its teammates and to be able to trust them while playing. When asked about having a team bond and her goals for the season, four year starter Hailey Quintero said, “ Last season we didn’t really get to bond, without that bond you can’t trust your teammates during a game or rely on them which is really important. That’s really my main goal and leaving an impact for the girl’s taking leadership next season when I’m gone”

The softball team is most excited to play it’s rival when asked about playing this season coach Whitbey said, “ I would love to beat Independence.  They have always been pretty solid.  Their coach has been around much longer than I have.  So it’s always nice to come away with a win against that kind of program.” When asked about the up and coming season two year starter Mariah Castaneda said, also she was the most excited to play independence. Senior Captain Quintero says, “ Independence, they have a lot of my old teammates from travel ball and a lot of friends I grew up with and played with and it’s always fun playing against your friends. You enjoy the game more.  “ This season should be bright for the team. They are focused and ready. Quintero,“ she will go hard this season. It’s my senior year. I have to give it my everything”.

Coach Whitbey said, “ The expectations are way different so I’m looking forward to a positive experience.  Not only for me, but for all of those girls.  But we have a great coaching staff, great girls, and complete support from our administration.  So it is going to be a great year!  I’m really excited.” This season will be different from the last couple ones.