Covid Delays School Activities

Emma Briones, Features Editor

Coming back to school was stressful, there were some events like the Cocoa and Cram that helped some of the students like freshman calm down and get distracted from all the stress caused by the work they had to do such as finals. COVID-19 has impacted a lot of students and coming back has made a difference to everyone’s mental state. Some important events have been canceled or changed due to COVID-19, which many people have been looking forward to.

            Ridgeview High still had some big events happen this year, like the winter formal. The formal was moved outdoors, according to Activities Director, Jose Valadez the formal was, “held outdoors because too many students were not allowed indoors without proof of vaccination.  Valadez also stated that, “we had to cancel the rally we were supposed to have last week (Jan   ) due to COVID.” Most students are likely to be exposed after their holiday trip.

          A senior, Nathen Lopez, thought that the venue being outdoors was disappointing. School activities have had to change to follow COVID-19 protocol and according to Lopez, “I haven’t had a favorite event or activity so far.” Some of the changes made were most of the events being outdoors, limited people in an area, and masks are mandatory.  Lopez says that, “I’m okay with the covid rules but we cant have anything normal because we will always have to be cautious about how close we are standing next to each other, or making sure we have a mask everywhere we go.”

            A lot of students attended homecoming in October, most thought it was a good night.  Alexa Ross was one of the students that went, she thought it was a very fun night. Homecoming was outdoors, and most students were wearing masks.  “I enjoyed it. I wore a mask even though it was outside just to be safe”, says Ross.   Homecoming was one of her favorite events so far because she got to dress up, take pictures, and hang out with her friends.  Students got to have music, food stands, and music to dance to.  Although his was her first homecoming Ross thinks this was definitely a night to remember with all her friends and memories she made and it distressed her from all the finals she had to take.

          Other smaller events and activities were also fun for students.  Open mic and movie night were indoor activities that happened, while some of the games and senior activities were outdoors. Neomi Ruiz, a Junior says, “I went to a volleyball game and I thought it was a little crowded since its small inside and having to wear a mask made it hot”, Ruiz rather go to an outdoor activity. A senior Kaite Santivanes thinks that the senior activities that she went to were fun. “Overall I think that the indoor activities were handled well because most students were respectful of the rules and most had their masks on,” says Santivanes.