Taking One Stroke At A Time


Kristen Hunter Flores

Returner Maddison Gonzalez does the fly during a recent practice

Azalia Rippee, Staff Writer

Swimming is a very prestigious sport. Ridgeview this year is excited to get back on their game. With second year coach Colby Webb and a handful of returners leading the way. 

 “ The sport has helped me obviously become a faster swimmer, uhm, make friends and stay fit,” says  returner Brian Hicks. Achieving new times is often encouraged by coaches and teammates. Teammates rely on each other. “ If you’re doing a relay like your whole team  is counting on you and you better be pushing your hardest and go as fast as you can and watch them.” says senior returner Jeffrey Willson.

 Ridgeview’s swim team is really encouraging to one another and very determined to do their best this year, as so every year. Swimming takes a lot of practice and dedication. “ We practice hard and I like to build friendly relationships…”  says coach Colby Webb. It’s vital that your team supports you in doing your best and achieving amazing results. Ridgeview is capable of accomplishing great achievements this year and we all can’t wait to see.

Swimming is also a very physical sport. “ It’s probably more of the most, if not, the most physically demanding sports that there are,” says Webb. Ridgeviews swim team is working as hard as they can to do their best. Hours of practice a day is very tiring and takes large amounts of dedication, in which our team has. “ We practice hard,” says Webb. Hours of dedication are going to reward the team soon. Getting the best time is considered winning in a swim meet. Celebrating wins are very special and important moments for the team. Being congratulated after you win a swim meet is a good feeling. It makes swimmers wanna push harder and do even better in their next meet. When swimmers celebrate their wins with their team that usually looks like going out to eat or hanging with friends. Jazmine, one of Ridgeviews swimmers says, “ … hang out with family, go eat, “ Swimming also comes with huge benefits. You make friends, build muscular endurance, and are great for your cardiovascular strength. We can’t wait to see the achievements Ridgeviews swim team will meet.