High School Journalist Gather To Learn From Experts

Emma Briones, Features Editors


             Every year the journalism students in Kern High School District celebrate Journalism Day, it is a day where journalism students from different high schools get together and gain more knowledge about what journalism is by talking to professionals like Henry Greenstein, who is a sports reporter at Bakersfield Californian. 

           This year Kristen Hunter-Flores who organized Journalism day this year. According to Flores, “It is based on an event that was held in the 90’s when I was in high school at Bakersfield College.” She wanted that event to happen for today’s journalism students so they are able to learn from experts and feel more comfortable and understand the media field.  Usually this event would be held at Bakersfield College, but due to COVID this year it was held at CTEC and usually it would be a whole day where the students are able to have different sessions throughout the day. This year was a little different, the event was two hours long. During the event the students were able to listen to experts talk about what they do and what position they are in, the advice they had, hands-on photography lessons. At the end there was an award contest.

             Sports reporter, Greenstien who was a speaker at the Journalism event says, “Kristen did a great job organizing today.” Greenstein thinks that this event can be resourceful to the students because the speakers have a different perspective, experience on media, and a different position on what they do, and the students get to listen to what they have to say. “I think it’s very important that students come together and learn what others have to say,” said Greenstein, he thinks that this event was a success and hopes the students got something out of it. 

          Rosely Cabrera who is a Junior at South High School was one of the students who attended Journalism Day and found it interesting learning about the speaker’s experiences and what they go through as a journalist. “I learned that working in the media field is hard  and I have to learn how to keep up.” Cabrera enjoyed the event and found it informational.

     Melissa Reyes, a junior for Ridgeveiw was one of the students that received an award. Reyes won the award for Best News  Story for her sexaul assault story, “ I was honestly very surprised because I felt like that was one of my worst writing pieces.”  Reyes wasn’t confident about winning the award and was very shocked when they called her name up to receive the award.