Upper Classmen Get First Choice At Food Sale

Viviana Lopez, Staff Writer

Recently, Ridgeview’s ASB decided to have a food swap day! A food swap day was where the freshmans, sophomores, juniors, and seniors swapped lunches for the very first time at Ridgeview High School. The purpose of this food swap came to be because the juniors and seniors were saying that when it came to their lunch there was less food for them, so they weren’t too happy when it came to lunch, and they claimed there wasn’t that much food for all of them. Another reason for the food swap was to put the freshmen and sophomores in the juniors and seniors shoes to see how they feel when having less food at lunch. 

ASB students decided to set up a food swap because there were always complaints from the juniors and seniors and the good food was gone or they would sell out of food at the food sales. “What is probably going to happen from now on for all the four food sales that we have each year, the freshmen and sophomores could go first for two and then the juniors and seniors could go first for the other two, so it’s going to make it even,” says ASB adviser Jose Valadez. 

The juniors and seniors had the opportunity to have much and the good food that freshmen and sophomores always have. Ridgeview ASB just wants every class to feel heard and equal, so no one feels like they are being left out in any way. This shows that the ASB is hearing everyone’s problems and concerns and trying to do something. “I was glad the ASB took the time to try to solve the problem with our lunch because there would be less food when it came to our lunch and I know all the juniors and seniors felt the same,” says Ridgeview student Jadien Wyatt. “Me and my friends were really surprised and grateful that the ASB tried to make us feel equal and heard that they thought of a solution to do a food swap,” says Ridgeview student Paris Smith. 

“The juniors and seniors were very happy and excited. I like that idea because it was a problem that we were able to solve. It was fair actually for the freshmen and sophomores but now it makes it fair for everyone,” says ASB adviser Jose Valadez. The main reason for the food swap was to make everyone feel equal and show that Ridgeview students are being heard and the Ridgeviews staff is listening to everyone’s concerns and options. Ridgeview High School support is clearly there.