Seniors Making This Year’s Boys’ Tennis Magical

Samantha Trujillo, Sports Editor

Boys’ tennis, led by Coach Laura Rice who has been coaching tennis for 21 years is taking on the task of leading the team for another year. Rice who has been  playing since high school and college and is here to continue showing players the principles and rules of tennis. With the majority of players being seniors, this makes this year even more important for these players. Two of these players are, Rajvir Singh and Miguel Cantu. 

“ I never played tennis so I was interested in playing a new sport so I played tennis,  I was curious,” states Singh.  Singh’s curiosity in the sport led him to keep playing the sport for  three years. With this season being his last, he is hopeful to make an improvement on a few of his skills. Practices at tennis are usually spent with lots of general stretching, hitting drills, running and practice serves. Singh is not the only one who is hopeful to make improvements but senior Cantu as well.

Cantu who has been playing tennis for two years. Is hoping to make improvements on rallying the ball during a match. Challenges that come with this sport, Cantu states, are ,“ learning how to hit hard serves”. Though this sport comes with its challenges, these players work to improve their style of play each practice they can get.  To be a part of this sport there are certain qualities needed to make a great player. “The qualities you need to play this sport are determination and quick thinking/ reflexing skills.” declares Cantu. Singh agrees, reaction speed is an important quality when competing. “ If the other person hits a really hard tennis ball back at you, you have to be ready at all times to hit it back”.

Cantu gives a statement saying ,“ Tennis teaches you how to do things independently which is a good factor to have for the real world.”   When asking Singh the same question, “What do you feel  tennis teaches you? ” he gives a response saying, “Tennis teaches you sportsmanship ”. Not only does sports teach you how to achieve great mentality but skills like sportsmanship and being independent are the basic skills needed for when having to face not only an opposing team, but the daily bumps in the road everyone eventually faces. These sets of skills are especially needed for when Ridgeview goes up against their biggest rivalry teams, BCHS and IHS. Tennis had begun league play on March third and is now 1 in 0 in league. Tennis having these skills for our senior tennis players will be beneficial for them and their life after high school.  Rice’s biggest quote in tennis is, “ to always win the last point ”.