Speeding Through the Season

Azalia Rippee, Staff Writer

Ridgeview’s Track team is back and better than ever entering the 2022 season enthusiastically.

The track team is outstandingly bonded and connected. Returner track member, Mone Rocha stated, “I would definitely consider myself bonded just because I have been doing the season for four years, so I basically grew up with the people that are on the team now.” Such a close connection will push the team to achieve greater and be stronger. “Very caring, comforting and friendly people.” adds teammate, Aninca Carrillo. 

Support from team members is vital and rewarding. Coach Triandous Hobson states, “ I think it’s probably arguably one of the more difficult sports specifically because it takes a long time for somebody to get faster,” A regular time for a mile is around nine to ten minutes. The girls team record is ? to ? and the boys team record is ? to ?. It is necessary that teammates encourage each other to beat the average time and build up endurance. Liberty High is a major opponent.

Track member Carrillo states, “Going to practice is like going home,” This shows that this year, Ridgeview’s track team will accomplish amazing achievements. Hobson and the team are doing their very best every practice. They push themselves harder each day and will continue to do so. Hobson definitely cares for his team and makes sure they are improving each day, he includes everyone into his team. Hobson’s aim is to create an environment where track members feel like they’re at home. “It seems like I wanna make sure that that’s the funniest part of their day,” says Hobson. It is very visible that Ridgeview’s track team is putting their all into this season and is very excited to see all that track offers. “ To celebrate my wins I like to go out and have a big dinner afterwards,” says Rocha. We are all excited to see the achievements students will make in this 2022 season!