Students Fight For “Top Of The Class” Tittle


Jason Ford

Four Ridgeview seniors standings in front of the gymnasium for a picture.

Moises Valencia, Staff Writer

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” – Author Unknown. There are students that will work long nights, study, and take tutoring just to be passing the bare minimum. Many students have worked extremely hard to make it to the top of their class and their hard work is being recognized.

Top of the class  student’s will talk about the challenges such as harder classes and missing out on fun activities. The students that have made it to the top of their class are as followed: Mickayla R. Esparza, Jacqueline F. Chaidez, Janae E. Hutson, Alexsandra N. Lochridge, Brandon natividad, Gurtaj S. Pannu, Mone  D. Rocha, Inderpal Singh, Rajvir Singh, Navraj K. Toor, and Carissa A York. Unfortunately they could not all be interviewed but three of the students were able to be, Alexsandra Lochridge, Mone Rocha, and Brandon Natividad. 

First, Lochridge was “proud that her efforts paid off”. Lochridge worked so hard that she tried to “take the hardest classes possible and stayed after school with friends to study”. She said “My parents and sister are what inspires me”, after high school she wants to “attend UCLA and study biology”. Knowing that she is the top of her class gives her more motivation to work harder. Lochridge said that she plans to “be a Pediatrician to help children get over sicknesses, I feel accomplished in every aspect”. Lochridge knows several underclassmen and hopes to inspire them to do better and reach their personal best in class. Lochridge said “my friend and I stay after school with her friends to help each other with homework and other assignments”. She wanted to mention the teacher that helped me the most, “Brian Whitfield wrote letters of recommendation that helped her so much”. Lochridge hopes “to leave behind a fun feeling with everyone I was around, I want to be known as someone that made people happy.” 

Next, Rocha, she “feels rewarded because I took AP college classes”. Her parents are first generation college students. Rocha said “I am planning to attend CSU Fresno to study Kinesiology” (Kinesiology is the scientific study of human body movement). Rocha wants to “inspire others by letting them know everyone has flaws and that it shouldn’t stop them from achieving their goals.” 

She said “My dream job is to be an athlete trainer for the NFL or the NBA”. She lets her classmates know that they can come to her for help with their work or assignments. The teacher’s that helped her the most were, “Mr. Martens, Mrs. Paterson, and Coach Hobson”. The one thing she hopes to leave behind is, “knowing as long as you work for what you’re passionate about no one can stop you from reaching your goals”.

Lastly, Natividad has “a nice feeling inside of him and it comes as a surprise”. He wants  to “go to CAL Poly inspires him to activate his goals to be an engineer”. Natividad said “Knowing that he is in the top of his class inspires him to finish strong”. Natividad can inspire others by showing them that people with certain disabilities can still achieve greatness. His dream job is to be an “engineer working for N.A.S.A or another big company”. Natividad hopes to “inspire family or others”, he is currently tutoring an 8th grader in Math. He plans to major in “Mechanical Engineering”.

 If you are ever having trouble in class you can alway go to the library after school for free tutoring Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday if you can’t stay after school then you can ask your teacher for help understanding the class.