Prom Night Makes A Return After Two Years


Serenity Mejia

A Group of Ridgeview High School juniors pose before prom night

April Gonzalez, Social Media Editor

Prom has made a return as it was out for two years due to the world wide pandemic. The junior ASB class being in charge of school events, prom being one of them. 

Brian Whitfield the junior class advisor says, “We made a profit, and it should be a very healthy one.  I am not sure of the exact number, but Prom is actually what funds all of the senior events.  So around $20,000 is the goal to make from prom, and we should be close to that this year again”, when asked if the junior class made a profit from sale of prom tickets. This year’s prom was thought of for a long time as they had to put on a show to make the comeback a night to remember. Whitfield says, “ We have been talking about Prom all year long, but most of the work has come since January.  A lot of work goes into it, venue, decorations, DJ, snacks, photo booths, etc.  Some things go quicker, and others take hours to get worked out”. 

This year’s prom theme was Enchanted Ball as it was held in a mansion this year but Whitfield says, “The theme was originally selected for another venue that canceled on us in January.  It was a garden, so it made sense to have an enchanted garden theme, but they still decided to keep it with the mansion.  All the credit for it and so much planning and prep for Prom, including the theme, goes to Janessa Grissom and Kharys Ebert”.  Since the original location was to be a garden but since they canceled, the venue was under consideration again. When asking Whitfield how they searched for the new venue he said, “When they canceled on us, Kharys went looking for a new venue and found the mansion.  Since it was so gorgeous and they went from around a $40,000 asking price to $10,000 for us, we thought it was a no-brainer to do it there.” Prom is for the Seniors and Juniors to have a night to remember there were around six-hundred Seniors and Juniors so there were limited tickets, Whitfield stated, “ 600 tickets were available for the venue”. With the excitement of prom being returned tickets were sold out a week before Prom.  

Kyron Willman, ASB Junior Class Representative talks about the prom ticket prices he says “For me, I guess it was worth it because I bought it when it was cheapest but also the mansion. We didn’t even utilize all of it. So at the $50 price it was worth it but if i paid when it was higher than no it wouldn’t have been worth it”. Prom night was a lot of words and to Willman it was “surprising, interesting and unexpected, because it really surprised me when Lili Sefa didn’t win prom queen, and it was very surprising, no, not surprising, interesting when I got there, and I was like, wow, this is house is amazing, and then it was all so unexpected because of the stuff they had there, like the spinning picture, video, thing those so cool and unexpected and lit and slay”. 

As for the Prom Venue, it was an amazing scenery, they rented a mansion for the full amazing memorable experience, but the students who attended were not allowed to enter the mansion which upsetted a lot of the students. Willman says, “I mean, it made sense that we weren’t allowed to enter the mansion. Like that is , somebody’s home, like they live there, I would let people in my home if I was renting out my back yard for an event or venue or something like I’m not renting out my house. I’m renting my property like my outside property”. The “tradition” that has been going on for a while has been eating after prom to end off the night on a great note. When asked what  Willman did after prom he said, “After prom, I went to Denny’s with my friends and then I went to my other friend’s house and we all played super smash Bros and Mario Kart”.