What To Expect For Grad Night

Viviana Lopez, Staff Writer

It’s May and you know what that means? It’s that time of year when grad night is coming for seniors! The time is here where seniors could get a night of fun. Grad night is an annual all-night and all-inclusive party that allows seniors to celebrate together one last time after graduation.  It is a unique and spectacular celebration which builds a spirit of togetherness among the graduates as they celebrate with old friends for one last time. The ASB and the school are planning a fun night that seniors could experience after they have graduated. 

    For this year Ridgeview High School will have grad night on June 3rd after graduation and at Universal Studios Hollywood! The event is organized for seniors the night of graduation to keep them from engaging in unsafe activities, this way seniors would still have a fun and exciting night to spend with friends but at the same time be safe. “ Grad night will be fantastic, especially since we haven’t been able to go for the last two years,” says ASB adviser Jose Valadez. 

Seniors would have to move and get their tickets fast this year. “We only have about 300 tickets, so we are only going to be able to take 300 seniors, so get your tickets fast,” says


Seniors should be excited for being able to go to Universal Studios Hollywood this year because it a big and exciting theme park to have grad night at and they could  spend a night with their friends. “I’m really looking forward to go to grad night and spending the night with my friends for the last time at a school event and overall I’m glad it’s just going to seniors at the event,” says Ridgeview student Jadien Wyatt. “What I like about Universal Studios is they make it a party, they usually get a big name DJ and he does big performances throughout the night and it feels like you are in Coachella or light show so it’s pretty awesome,” says Valadez. 

Seniors will have to take the bus when going to the theme park and cannot take their own car when arriving there. They would not let you in if you are not in the buses and have a wristband when getting on the school bus. “You have to be on the bus because it is a private event, just for seniors from all over California, where they actually shut down the park down after a while and if you just show up on your own they kick you out around 4 p.m.,” says Valadez. 

  At the event there would be more high schools than just Ridgeview so that just equals more way seniors will be there at Universal Studios. “ The place will be filled with other high schools and that is why one of the rules of the dress code is to actually take wear anything that has your school name on it just to avoid any gang violence,’’ says Valadez. 

Ridgeview High School seniors should be taking this moment for the time that they have in high school and be proud at how far they have come. Ridgeview High School is giving seniors an ability to have an exciting, fun and awesome night to spend time with their closest friends at a theme park and just have a time to remember and share how their grad night was like.