Powder Puff 2022 Makes A Come-Back

Emma Briones, Features Editor

 “I wanted to get a chance to get to play with all my friends,” says senior Genesis Upton. Upton is a cheerleader who wanted to experience how it would feel like to play a completely different sport. She is ready and excited to have fun but a little doubtful that they don’t really have a big team.Powder Puff is an event the upperclassmen get to enjoy. Powder Puff has been a traditional end of the year game where students get to switch gender roles.  The event was hosted by the football team on May 4th, and girl’s, get to play football and the boy’s, cheer. “The biggest change that we’re doing this year is that we are having a freshmen team and a sophomore team,” says Jose Valadez. There will be two games, one the first game the juniors will go against the sophomores while the seniors will go against the freshmen. Valadez is mostly looking forward to going back to normal due to the fact we haven’t been able to do this for two years. 

          Valadez also states that there is some controversy about having two teams, but some people don’t find a problem with it. Saynai Davis for example, a junior says, “I think it’s okay it’s just a little different.” Davis will be participating in Powder Puff this year to have a good experience and have fun. She is confident and ready to play against the sophomores although she is most nervous about losing. On the other hand, the juniors look organized and look ready to play.

          “We are very excited, but the juniors look really good,” Janiah Wofford says. Wofford is playing for the sophomore team. She hopes all teams do well and they all have fun which is what she is looking forward to. 

           Jade Romo, who is one of the freshmen playing against the juniors, is participating because “I want to show that football is not just a sport for men, and women can participate too while having fun.” Davis explains how the freshmen team has been working hard and they tried to improve in everything they do, but most importantly the team has built a bond within the teammates. The freshmen team is very excited and happy with their team, Davis stated. That is one of the most important things when having a team. The winning team of the Power Puff game was the seniors, coming in second were juniors, in third place were the sophomores, and finally in fourth place were the freshmen.