Last Swing Of Senior Year


April Gonzalez

Makenzie Caraballo getting ready to swing at a game this season.

Samantha Trujillo, Sport Editor

Coming to an end this season is girls’ softball as well as Senior Mackenzie Caraballo’s last year at Ridgeview High School. Caraballo has been playing softball since she was eight years old. Her positions when first starting softball were first and shortstop. As her years went on she carried her passion for the sport all the way up to her last years at RHS now playing at right field and center. Coach Deb Whitbey has been leading the team this season so far with an overall record of 7-17. Whitbey states, “ I have known Mackenzie since her freshman year.¨“  Mackenzie is FAST!  And, she wants to do better than the day before so she pushes herself most days to do that. ” 

Caraballo has made some of her best memories from her first years here at RHS. Through her best and worst times playing softball, Caraballo has worked her hardest to push through her problems and work on whatever it is that she saw herself struggling in. Through all the struggles and problems Caraballo still strides on with hopes to play at the next level in college. Oklahoma University is where Caraballo hopes to continue playing softball for more years to come. The motivation to perform better is not her only motivation to continue playing.

Caraballo’s passion for softball began from a young age but was also influenced by those who made her the person she is today. “ What made me want to continue softball was because my mom, her whole life, played softball and I watched her when I was little so she inspired me to want to play.” Caraballo not only strives to work her best for herself but for her team and coaches as well. “ Mackenzie plays a key role in the outfield for us. She was on varsity last year so she helps those who are new to the varsity team or new to Ridgeview. So she has a few roles on this team.”

This comes as no surprise to those who truly know Carballo. Her hopes in college are to learn how to earn a profession in being a professional counselor. In this profession it requires being helpful to all those in need, which Caraballo has always done, especially on the field.  Being on varsity became a big achievement for Caraballo and gives a piece of advice for those who are giving thought to join softball. “ Just go for it and you know, it’s fun, it’s hard at first but it gets easier.¨ Although her high school years have come to an end at RHS, Caraballo will continue to keep her head held high on and off the pitch.