Kemp Eyeing His Future At Arizona State


April Gonzalez

Ethan Kemp ready at the line up on the field at a previous football game.

Justin Hernandez, Staff Writer

Senior Elvis Julian Kemp, one of Ridgeviews linebackers, is making his way to college to keep playing football. When asked how long Kemp has been playing for Ridgeview he states, “I’ve played for RHS for two years. I skipped junior year because of Covid and I played sophomore and senior year.” Although Kemp has played for Ridgeview for two years he is very confident in the way he puts in work on the field Kemp states, “Player wise I think I’m a pretty smart player I’m not the most athletic, but at the end of the day when I’m on the field I know what I can do and being smart really helps.”

Coach Casey Quinn has a strong feeling for one of his star players Kemp, he then goes on to say, “I think he did a really really good job for us this year. I think he came a long way as a football player. You know I think he worked hard to do the things he needed to do to meet expectations so he did a really good job.” After only playing high-school football for two years Kemp is making it to the top with a full ride saying, “I’m planning on entering a four year University at Arizona State and plan to major in Mass Communication.” 

From good coaches and good teammates Kemp has made many memories on the fields but has also had a good time at RHS Kemp states, “Definitely being with the guys, football , and sports also my favorite memories are being in class with everybody and also finally experiencing everything without no masks it’s pretty fun.”

Coach Quinn believes Kemp has set some high expectations for the team as to when it comes down to him leaving Quinn states, “I think he helped us lay down some expectations, standards, and then have helped our young players help them be better so were going to be better because we had him in our program and he did a really good job helping us change the culture.”

As this was Kemp’s last year he set his mind to get the opportunities he deserved as in a full four year ride to Arizona State through hard work and dedication. Going onto the next chapter of his life, his goodbye to his teammates consists of Kemp saying , “You guys keep striving, keep getting better, push yourselves be better than us this year.”