Supreme Courts Ruling of Roe v. Wade

Avneet Gil, Staff Writer

      On Friday, June 24, 2022, the U.S. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. I think that Roe v. Wade should not have been overturned as it means less rights for women. The U.S. supreme court’s decision dismantled over 50 years of abortion rights for women and is seen by many as wrong. 

       Thanks to trigger laws being put in place, abortion is now outlawed in many states automatically or through state action. In addition the associate justice of the supreme court, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that certain other landmark rulings should be reconsidered. I don’t agree with his idea since Roe v. Wade being overturned has made such a big impact on females. If the other landmark rules are going to be reconsidered, it would cause more chaos and would cause more protests and more people disagreeing with the court. Thomas said that should include the established right to contraception access, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage. 

 Nine states have already applied their  new abortion bans. In a few states, new junctions are being issued before laws can even go into effect. The governors who are opposed to abortion, but their states haven’t fully banned abortions, are deciding whether to call special sessions of the legislators to consider the new abortion bans. 

In all the states that banned abortions, abortion providers had to stop or reduce providing abortion care. People who are looking for abortions or have had previously scheduled appointments for abortions are scrambling to find new appointments in other states that have abortions still available. That includes states such as Florida, Ohio, and Georgia which have gestational limits for abortions but not yet complete bans.

In states where abortion remains legal, including Illinois and Kansas, abortion clinics are working hard to expand appointment availability. I like that they are doing this because they are  hiring staff, increasing the physical plant of their facilities, and adding additional clinic appointments which are helping out those females in need of them right now. 

Clinics in-process states are doing their best to manage immediate increased patient demand. They are doing this even as they are preparing for a future in which they may not be able to continue offering abortions thanks to the new laws. 

The only alternative to abortions is childbirth. Childbirth has a 14 times higher of the risk of death than abortions. Denying a persons access to a wanted abortion is basically the states forcing someone to take medical risks against their own will. Females should not have to risk their life against their will just because they don’t have a safer alternative.

Emergency contraception (EC) and mediational abortion are not the same thing, They use different drugs that work differently on the body. The EC medication stops pregnancy from happening by preventing or delaying ovulation. Medical abortions are abortions that would be using two drugs which would together cause an abortion. This is an easy way to have an abortion and many females prefer this one.

So as you can tell, rights have decreased a lot for females in today’s society from 50 years ago. Would you say these new rights are necessary and fair? No, these rights are not fair for females because they mean less freedom over their bodies. But the court isn’t going to stop at abortions. For decades, females have enjoyed their freedom over their bodies but now thanks to those new laws, it is being taken away from them. We must do something to prevent the possibility of the court taking away any other rights in the future.