Tackling Through The Season

Isabel Aceves, Staff Writer

One stand-out player on this year’s football team is Tramaine Stocker who is also a top performer. Stocker is one of the team captains for varsity. Stocker’s football stats are 7.5 tackles per game and plays wide receiver and cornerback.
Ridgeview High School’s varsity football team is overall 3-4 at this moment. Stocker says that the toughest opponent in his opinion this season was Liberty, Clovis West High School which is ranked in three in the central section, and Centennial High School. He expected these opposing teams to be their toughest he states because, “those were the tough teams on their schedule this season”.
Stocker states that conditioning also helped him a lot this season on not being as exhausted while playing games.Stocker states that if he had to choose one weakness in football it would be his height. Although, he does not see it as much of a weakness to him because all that matters is the drive and passion he has for playing football that overlaps these “weaknesses”.
The inspiration that made Stocker want to play football was always playing when he was a kid and playing with friends, school, and in his free time. He enjoys the sport very much and finds joy in being able to communicate and interact with team members.
Another standout player is Devin Talkington who plays offensive line/center. He describes himself as a leader, mentally tough, and a quick thinker. Talkington has faith that he will be first team all league and at least second team all area. His toughest opponent he faced so far is Liberty High School. His favorite memory here at school is when his team went into halftime during the first playoff game last year losing. As a team they put their heads together and fought through to win the game. He believes that this is the best coaching staff he has ever played under. His father inspired him to play football after bringing it up ten years ago and he has loved it ever since. Talkington’s plan after high school is to attend a University to pursue the career of a nurse.
Coach Quinn believes that the off season training has helped with the team a lot for this season.The thing Quinn enjoys most about being a football coach is being able to communicate with people, seeing young people develop, developing plans with team members that are in football for the right reasons.
Quinn believes that the qualities you have to have to become a football coach is being driven, staying motivated, passionate, understanding, eager to learn, being able to trust and most of all you have to believe.
Players that stand out to Quinn are the players who are consistent with being there and showing up to practice everyday, players who work hard and are improving themselves to be better players, players who ask questions, players who do good academically and finally, players who are proud to serve Ridgeview as football players