Christmas Eve vs. Christmas Day

Jorge Arteaga, Editor

December is an all around jolly month leading up to the most favored day Christmas Eve! Or is it Christmas day? As we get older we tend to stop opening gifts on Christmas morning. The half eaten cookie that Santa took a bite out of was just our dads playing into the holiday spirit. Presents under the Christmas tree weren’t made in Santa’s workshop by elves but instead was bought at Walmart a few weeks prior. Christmas day is more targeted for kids. Christmas Eve is for the rest of us which is enjoying time with family and friends. 

Opening presents on Christmas Eve has been more common in households these days. Possibly because we’re too excited to wait for Christmas morning but the amount of things done on Christmas Eve plays a factor towards it. Family and friends coming over, doing Christmas activities, Christmas dinner, and finally it only feels right to end the night off unwrapping presents.

Leaving cookies and a glass full of milk for Santa was tradition for most of us growing up. Eventually we grow out of it and stop doing our practices. Or you play into the role of Santa and start taking bites out of the cookies to excite the little ones on Christmas morning. What I’m trying to get at is that a kid’s Christmas is different from an adult’s Christmas day and eve. So with saying that Christmas Eve for the non-kids has new roles to fill which adds excitement to it all during the holiday. 

Adding to the new filling of roles for the rest of us, buying presents for our loved ones is a fun new task that we are given as we grow older. The chaotic Black Friday deals we try to get as presents, the last minute gifts, and the Christmas card full of money gift. Seeing the reaction of our family and friends opening their gifts is always fun to see whenever its a bad or a good reaction. 

Christmas Eve is a more of an enjoyable feeling for us who have already grown up. It’s a new experience compared when we were kids and running towards the Christmas tree to open our presents Christmas morning. The shift of roles is a bit of a sad feeling (kid compared to being all grown up) but overall it’s a better way to enjoy Christmas Eve.