Crime Rates in Bakersfield Spirals

Andrew Covarrubias, Staff Writer

Bakersfield has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes according to, who recently did a blog about 8 things to know BEFORE moving to Bakersfield, CA on September 13, 2022.. The chance that a person will become a victim of a violent crime in Bakersfield; such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape or murder; is one in 200. While some types of crime, such as killings, have declined this year so far, robberies have not. According to the report from from the Bakersfield police Department , 328 robberies have been reported to BPD for the first half of 2022, compared to 294 in the same period last year. KCSO has received 251 complaints of robberies from January through June of this year as opposed to 222 from the same period last year. Nathen Chavez, a Ridgeview student has spoken about the crime in Bakersfield,” Honestly all these crimes in Bakersfield are kind of scaring me ,but there are also a lot of cops patrolling my neighborhood which makes me feel way safer”.

The Bakersfield Police Department is forming a Community Advisory Panel to provide input into policy and procedure, provide insight into our community’s concerns, and educate our community about the Bakersfield Police Department. Applications were being accepted until Friday, November 4, 2022. Axel Hernandez, a Ridgeview student had said” I’m cool with it, it makes Bakersfield way safer, which we all want”.

According to an article from Seven Oaks was the safest place to live in, for Bakersfield on September 13th, 2022. Many families are moving to Bakersfield’s safest neighborhood because of the great amenities and top-notch schools that are available there. Living in Seven Oaks is never boring because there are so many commercial buildings around. On the other hand, Bakersfield’s Lakeview neighborhood is currently one of the most dangerous places to live. According to data gathered from, the city of 9,387 people has 2,225 crimes per 100,000 residents. Crime in Lakeview is 330% more than in Bakersfield. From a recent interview done by ,on Feb 6, 2022, BPD Chief Greg Terry said. “The devastation that ripples from that reaches every family, our neighborhoods, our schools, our health care system (and) policing. There are significant impacts to that level of violence in our community. And so, it is very concerning.”