Ridgeview’s Dance Revue Makes it’s Way Back to the Stage


Pack News Staff

Ridgeview’s Back to the Future 2022 Annual Dance Revue.

Mylie Navarrete, Staff Writer

    Dance Revue is officially making a comeback to Ridgeview High School according to our drama teacher Kelci Lowry. The event consists of theatrical performances that combine music and dance. After almost two years without this event Ridgeview will finally be able to join and watch this event filled with theatrics. 

             First year teacher Lowry decided to bring Dance Revue back because, “I know Dance Revue had a really good following and everyone gets excited and I figured after the pandemic the students need something to be excited about and I wanted to make sure that happened this year.” This year’s Dance revue theme will be “Clash of the Colors” and will include songs that have colors, which can be perfect to use  “Red” and “Maroon”  by Taylor Swift. 

          There will “possibly” be ex dancers helping out this year but, Natalia Malori singer, songwriter, choreographer and owner/artistic director of Mallory Academy of Dance will  be coming back to choreograph a couple of numbers. Lowry’s sixth period class will be participating in Dance Revue and any other students who would like to audition as well. “I believe dance is all about emotions so whatever your feeling you should be able to see through dance” Lowry said when asked what dance means to her, which can relate to those who may want to pursue dancing as a career that Dance Revue can 100% help with. 

           Although Dance Revue hasn’t been at Ridgeview for time, students still participate in dance here on campus. Ivan Correa, 11th grader, is a part of Dance Club here at Ridgeview  and although he doesn’t want to pursue dancing, he still very much enjoys it. Junior, Kharys Ebert and Sophomore Lily Andrde, as well do not want to pursue dancing as a career also, both enjoy partaking in dance. Correa is most excited for Dance Revue because, “The whole class is getting to be united and being able to dance and just having fun,”  Correa said. The three students  recommend joining Dance Revue, “It can be a really fun experience and you get to meet new people,” Andre said. Ebert participated in Dance Revue her Freshman year and said if she can pick the theme for the dance she would choose “around the world”. To these students dance is a safe place and judgment free zone where they can express themselves “I feel like it’s an activity where you can bring multiple people together and you guys can bond over a singular activity” Ebert said. 

      For those that still don’t know what Dance Revue is, it’s a big show of performances filled with different styles of dancing and singing. Auditions will be held in the school auditorium on December 16th from 4-6pm.