Is Covid Over?

Ashlin Morris , Social Media Editor

As we know  2020 was a year of great change for people across the globe. Covid was first announced and it changed everything from that moment on. Now in 2023 are people still affected by covid? In my opinion, Covid is still around and always will be considering it’s a virus just like the flu and many other viruses. However, it definitely does not affect us the same way it did in the very beginning. 

We have learned to make changes to our lifestyles to help prevent getting Covid and many people may take more precautions now, but we are no longer taking the protocol we once did with Covid.  When we first discovered Covid a lot of people were searching for answers to find a cure for this new virus or keep safe from it. Soon we started wearing face masks and social distancing. This was something we did for quite a long time, now fast forward three years later we no longer are wearing our face masks and social distancing.

As someone who was mildly affected by Covid, I can say it had a very big impact on the world around us. Covid did affect my social life by making my schooling online which was a big change for me and I am sure for lots of other students. More importantly, Covid affected businesses more specifically small businesses. The aftermath of Covid is something I think is still with us considering during the whole shutdown period many businesses were not able to stay open due to low income. While the others who were able to stay open struggled with the same issues. 

To add on as I previously mentioned Covid impacted my social life and others in many different ways. Online school was a big change compared to what we were used to. It consisted of staying home all day behind a computer screen with no outside freedom. I felt this made many kids less social and nervous to be back in the school environment. Personally, after being in quarantine for so long I was more than ready to be at school and have a somewhat normal life again. 

I wouldn’t say we are fully back to normal, but I do think we are getting there. Slowly over time, we have made improvements to regain what we lost because of Covid, and sooner than later I think we will eventually be able to have a normal lifestyle again.